Benefits of Membership

Membership in IHCA-ICAL/AHCA provides vital information regarding current regulations as well as best practices. Over 100 hours per year are offered through our educational sessions at workshops and convention.

Membership in IHCA-ICAL/AHCA pays for staff in Boise and Washington DC to advocate for higher reimbursement and for regulations that make sense. IHCA-ICAL and AHCA are also aggressively working on TORT reform and staffing.

IHCA-ICAL Goals for 2010

  • Prevent Medicaid cuts
  • Implement SNF provider assessment
  • Work to develop a coalition to provide access to guardians
  • Increase PAC and election activities to accomplish legislative agenda
  • Develop an Idaho Quality Award

IHCA-ICAL Accomplishment for 2009

  • Passed legislation allowing flexibility for billing private pay assisted living residents
  • Passed provider assessment legislation which replaces the Medicaid cuts to SNFs
  • Fought to increase Medicaid reimbursement for assisted living in a tough budget year
  • Implemented a new AL administrator course and test
  • Increased PAC, and redeveloped a new political strategy
  • Purchased an office providing more space for education and savings to the Association

IHCA-ICAL Accomplishments for 2008

  • Achieved a marginal increase in AL funding
  • Protected any cuts to ICF/MR, AL or SNF funding
  • Passed legislation allowing the Bureau of Occupational Licensure to approve a residential care administrator exam other than the NAB exam- IHCA-ICAL will develop that exam
  • Passed a joint memorial suggesting to Congress that Idaho be allowed to develop its own SNF survey process as a pilot project or a demonstration process
  • Passed rules allowing for Medication assistants in SNF's

IHCA-ICAL Accomplishments for 2007

  • Passed the statute allowing for Medication assistants in SNF's.
  • Fixed a board of Pharmacy statute which required a nurse's license to be on every fax (containing medication order) to a pharmacy
  • Finally lost the two year battle to stop the establishment of the Fraud/Abuse Unit at the AGs office- but we amended the bill to take out the most dangerous parts of the bill
  • Fixed a major problem regarding Medicaid eligibility and the use of Miller Trusts
  • Helped pressure Medicaid to reduce the time required for eligibility determinations
  • Protected any cuts to ICF/MR, AL or SNF funding

IHCA Accomplishments for 2006

  • Protect Medicaid funding for AL, ICF/MR's and SNF's!
  • Created an independent IDR system for ICF/MRs
  • Protected tort reform
  • Fixed a board of Occ Lic rule which required two years experience before an Idaho SNF license could be obtained through endorsement (reciprocity). Now only one year experience is required
  • Helped stop the establishment of the Fraud/Abuse Unit at the AGs office

IHCA Accomplishments for 2005

  • Successfully fought to maintain Medicaid reimbursement!
  • Conducted AL & MR/DD tracts at convention and at workshops.
  • Had the best attended convention in the history of IHCA-ICAL.
  • Helped correct the horribly broken assisted living survey system.
  • Created AL AIT program for assisted living administrators in training.

IHCA Accomplishments for 2004

  • SNF- ICF/MR daily reimbursements have not been reduced!
  • Conducted ICF/MR tracts at convention and at workshops.
  • Had the best attended convention in the history of IHCA-ICAL (to the best of our knowledge).
  • Participated in the Assisted Living Workgroup to address the horribly broken assisted living survey system.
  • Introduced a nurse staffing video to each of the nursing schools in Idaho.
  • Passed state initiative encouraging CMS to allow deemed status

IHCA Accomplishments for 2003

  • Tort Reform - (Board of Directors of Idaho Liability Reform Coalition)
    • Caps Non-Economic Damages
    • Caps Punitive Damages
    • Changes burden of proof for punitive damages from "Preponderance of the evidence" to "Clear and Convincing Evidence"
      • Created IHCA-ICAL Quality Award.
      • Maintained SNF Medicaid reimbursement.
      • Forced Board of Nursing to change policy regarding Canadian Nurses.
      • Created first ever Social Services Curriculum (40 Hour) Social workers.
      • Created a nurse recruiting video.
      • AHCA helped acquire two year moratorium on Therapy Caps.
      • AHCA helped acquire over $1.2 billion to SNF Medicare rates.
      • AHCA helped acquire paid feeding assistant rule.
      • IHCA-ICAL helped design the feeding assistant program in Idaho.
      • IHCA-ICAL designed a 40 page QI tool to help facilities avoid five of the most common survey citations.
      • Created an Activity Director Curriculum that meets state guidelines.
      • Passed Concurrent Resolution in the Legislature requiring a plan to address the nursing shortage.
      • Started a Telehealth program via ISU Institute of Rural Health to broadcast classes at convention and workshops to IHCA-ICAL members in their own communities.
      • Began an Independent IDR process that is working well.
      • AHCA influenced CMS to delay RUGS refinement - delayed $1.5 billion in Medicare cuts.
      • Working on restoring 100% of cuts.
      • Established a Quality Improvement Committee to work with H&W to improve surveys.
      • With several holdbacks (totaling nearly 10% for most agencies) the state Medicaid rate was not reduced.
      • Passed legislation requiring a Medicaid recipient who sues a provider to turn the profits of the settlement/lawsuit over to Medicaid.
      • Through a two year aggressive and multi-faceted campaign AHCA was able to restore $5.5 billion to SNF's that was cut through the Medicare PPS system.
      • AHCA was able to get a SNF TORT reform law passed in Florida. Florida's liability insurance rates were driving up the rates for the entire nation.
      • IHCA-ICAL was able to eliminate the sunset clause in the Idaho State Legislature that would have required every SNF in Idaho to have a licensed social worker.
      • IHCA-ICAL was able to pass a Deemed Status concurrent resolution through the Idaho State Legislature. We are now pursuing it with CMA (was HCFA)
      • IHCA-ICAL helped influence the legislature to increase the personal needs allowance that residents receive from $30 to $40 per month.
      • The Legislature passed a bill that IHCA-ICAL initiated that creates a state tax deduction for 50% of LTC Insurance premiums.