Resident Services Director Training

This program of training was developed for individuals who provide supportive social services to residents in LTC facilities in Idaho. Although the training is designed to help non-licensed Resident Services Directors who provide these services in facilities with less than 120 residents, the licensed social worker new to nursing homes will find the program of value in understanding the delivery of resident care that is unique to this environment.

The licensed social worker who is required to be full time in facilities with more than 120 residents must meet the qualifications stated in the Guidance to Surveyors-Long Term Care Facilities document, FTAG 251: A qualified social worker is an individual with --

  1. A bachelor’s degree in social work or a bachelor’s degree in a human services field including but not limited to sociology, special education, rehabilitation counseling, and psychology; and
  2. One year of supervised social work experience in a health care setting working directly with individuals

The terms social work, social services, ethics, resident advocacy, and the functions that these terms generate form the foundation for this training program.

  • Format of the Program. This program is a self-study, competency-based, training that is to be completed by the participant. Each competency is a statement that represents the knowledge, skills and attitude that effective Resident Services Directors (RSDs) should know and be able to do. It is expected that participants will have varying backgrounds and experiences. Therefore, participants are encouraged to self-assess his or her ability to perform the competencies by completing the self-assessment tool in the beginning of each module and to concentrate on the areas that are weakest.
  • Hours of Instruction. The program consists of 40 hours of self-study that are to be accomplished by completing assignments as outlined in the Supplement Manual, Self-Study Assignments For Completing The Resident Services Director Training Program In Long Term Care. The participant is also expected to complete 1040 hours of clinical time or work in the nursing home. Hours already worked as a Resident Services Director under supervision of a licensed social worker counts toward this time.
  • Record of Training. The participant will document the completion of assignments and keep a record of clinical hours. Assignments are to be sent to IHCA as specified in The Supplement.
  • Grading. The grading for this program, and is subject to change, is pass/fail. The participant is expected to make arrangements for completion of requirements by planning with IHCA. Records of assignment completion will be maintained by yourself by making copies of every assignment before sending them to IHCA and by the designated person at IHCA.
  • Please call IHCA for information about how to register for this self-study training – 208-343-9735.